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Corchado BISITE

Juan Manuel Corchado
University of Salamanca
Director of Master

He is Full Professor with Chair at the University of Salamanca. He was Vice President for Research from December 2013 to December 2017 and the Director of the Science Park of the University of Salamanca. Chosen twice as the Dean of the Faculty of Science, he holds a PhD in Computer Sciences from the University of Salamanca and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from the University of the West of Scotland. He is the Director of BISITE (Bioinformatics, Intelligent Systems and Educational Technology), which was created in the year 2000 and also the director of the IOT Digital Innovation Hub and a Member of the AIR Institute.

J. M. Corchado works on projects in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, IoT, Fog Computing, Edge Computing, Smart Cities, Smart Grids, Sentiment Analysis, etc.

Jose Carpio-Pinedo BISITE

Jose Carpio-Pinedo
City Planner, Mobility &
Planning Consultant,

M.Arch M.Sc. is a research fellow at UC Berkeley and a researcher at the Department of Urban and Regional Planning - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. He has also been a visiting researcher at São Paulo University - Urban and Regional Economy Lab (NEREUS).

His research ranges over urban mobility and proximity dynamics; walkability; multi-modal network analysis/accessibility patterns; land use and transport coordination; public space configuration and locational advantages.

His research received Spain‘s National Pre-doctoral Special Award Certamen Arquimedes, 2014 and First Prize in the Madrid City Urban Economy Research Contest (2016).

Jose has worked as a Planning and Transport consultant for Atkins Ltd., London and the Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid (Madrid Public Transport Authority).

Milagros Rey BISITE

Milagros Rey
Smart client Naturgy

She is a chemical engineer and holds a doctorate in electrical and electronic engineering (specialised in renewable energy grid integration). She has more than 13 years of experience in R+D+i and in European projects, in areas related to energy efficiency, distributed generation, demand management, electric and gas mobility, Smart Cities, H2, etc., she is also an expert adviser to the European Commission in these fields. At Naturgy, she has generated and developed the Smart Client area in 2016, and currently works in the area of New Business Promotion, leading the definition and execution of new smart businesses.

Eduardo Martínez Gil BISITE

Eduardo Martínez Gil

Holds a degree in political science from the Pompeu Fabra University and the title of Superior Technician in Computer Systems and Networks. Graduate of the PMD management development program at ESADE.

His professional career has been closely linked to the areas of technology and public administration. He has worked for the European Union Council and is now the manager of the Smart Cities Center of Excellence at Indra-Minsait.

As a trainer, he regularly collaborates with the UPC and the Zigurat Institute of Technology on their smart cities programs. Sporadically, he collaborates with UB, UPF or UEM on this type of programs as well. He is also a tutor and trainer in a Smart Cities program for entrepreneurs of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Finally, he is coordinator of smart projects and of innovation projects at ESDi (Escuela Superior de Diseño), URL

Esther Fernández Díaz BISITE

Esther Fernández Díaz

Esther Fernández Díaz is an industrial engineer with an MBA from INSEAD. Since January 2020, she has been working in digital practice as an associate at McKinsey & Company, helping clients undergo the digital transformation successfully. Prior to that, she worked at IBM, mainly in the Watson IoT unit participating in Smart City projects and proposals. In the Smart Cities area, she has participated in the definition of concepts and requirements, execution and implementation, user training, response to specifications, etc. She has also obtained several awards in projects related to cities and intelligent tourism.

Enrique Diaz-Plaza BISITE

Enrique Diaz-Plaza
Responsable de Desarrollo de Negocio

Enrique Díaz-Plaza is an Electrical and Electronic Engineer from the ICAI School of Engineering which belongs to the Comillas Pontifical University of Madrid. Currently, he leads the business development for the energy sector in IBM for the countries of Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel.

He joined IBM more than ten years ago, and since then Enrique has promoted different areas of innovation related to the sector, such as smart grids or electric mobility. In addition to having been linked to the energy sector, other industries and areas in which he has actively participated can be highlighted, such as the telecommunications sector, the definition, development and deployment of smart cities (both in Spain and in other countries), the promotion of the Internet of Things, the application of smart approaches for asset management, the deployment of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation, as well as the participation and management of several R+D+i projects and programs, both national and international. On the other hand, he also has experience in the application of different technologies and methodologies such as those related to advanced analytics, blockchain, project management, agile approaches, design thinking, etc.

Previously, Enrique has managed people and technical departments in companies like Vodafone and Bull.

He is also a member of different national and international technical and standardization boards, as well as a professor in several universities and business schools.

Alfonso González Briones BISITE

Alfonso González Briones
University of Salamanca

PhD in Computer Engineering from the University of Salamanca since 2018, whose thesis obtained the second place in the 1st SENSORS+CIRTI Award for the best national thesis in Smart Cities (CAEPIA 2018). At the same University he obtained his degrees of Technical Engineer in Computer Engineering (2012), Degree in Computer Engineering (2013) and Master in Intelligent Systems (2014). Since 2014, he has worked in different public and private research centers, among them: the BISITE research group of the University of Salamanca, where he works on the development of energy optimization systems in housing and intelligent buildings and the development of efficient service platforms in the agricultural and livestock sector.

His research career has been recognized and rewarded with one of the Juan de la Cierva State Program Grants, in the 2018 "ICT - Information and Communication Technologies" area.

He is currently a research staff at the University of Salamanca in the Department of Computer Science and Automation.

Javier Leiva BISITE

Javier Leiva
Endesa Distribución Eléctrica

Javier Leiva holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Malaga (2010, graduated with honors). He also graduated with a Master of Science’s degree in Electrical Energy Systems from the University of Seville in 2010 (Best Dissertation Award). Since 2014, he studies in the Inter-university PhD Program in Electrical Power Systems at the Universities of Málaga, Seville, the Basque Country, and Polytechnic of Catalonia.

He joined Endesa in 2010, where he works as a DSO Expert in the Network Technology Unit of e-distribución Redes Digitales. He has a strong background in smart grids and smart cities, in addition to electric mobility, DER integration, and grid automation. He is currently the manager of Smartcity Málaga Living Lab, where innovative smart grid technologies are tested in real conditions. This lab is an adherent member of the European Network of Living Labs since 2017, and network digitalization and flexible operation are its core objectives thanks to projects like MONICA, PASTORA or COORDINET, performed in close collaboration with consortiums composed of startups, technology providers, universities, research centers, and public administrations.

In addition to this, he joined in 2019 the Urban Innovative Actions (UIA), an initiative of the European Union to promote pilot projects in the field of sustainable urban development. Here, as an Expert, he provides advice and guidance, at a strategic level, to the city of Breda, The Netherlands, within the AIRQON Project. He also assists in the development of outputs for disseminating best practices and lessons learnt to the wide audience, and supports to ensure that the innovation actions remain on track.

Roberto Casado Vara BISITE

Roberto Casado Vara
University of Salamanca

Roberto Casado Vara earned a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Salamanca in 2019 (with an extraordinary performance PhD award). He received a degree in Mathematics from the University of Salamanca and a Master's degree in Big Data & Visual Analytics from the International University of La Rioja. He has worked for Viewnext as a data scientist and Powercenter consultant for important clients in the pharmaceutical and public administration sectors. Since 2017, he has worked in different public and private research centers, including the BISITE research group of the University of Salamanca, where he works as a researcher in several fields, such as Deep Learning, advanced mathematical models for monitoring and intelligent non-linear control, as well as blockchain; a technology in which he has obtained an official certification.

He has published more than 30 articles in international journals, books and congresses. He has also participated in more than 15 research projects and is the author of one European patent. Moreover, he is an associate editor of the IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society and a member of the scientific committee at several congresses of international prestige, including PAAMS, PACBB or DCAI. He also works as reviewer at many others. Currently, he is part of the research staff at the University of Salamanca and works at the Department of Informatics and Automation.

Pablo Chamoso BISITE

Pablo Chamoso
University of Salamanca

Assistant Professor at the University of Salamanca. He is a Doctor in Computer Engineering as well as a Technical Engineer in Computer Systems, Computer Engineer (awarded i3 for the best final project in Castilla y León). He holds Master's Degrees in Electronic Commerce, in Intelligent Systems and in Information Technology Management.

Since the beginning of 2011 he has been a member of the BISITE research group, participating in the technical development, analysis and research of multiple international and national projects in areas such as Smart Cities, Robotics, Visual Analysis, Medical Applications and Artificial Intelligence.

He has been a guest lecturer at universities in Brazil, Portugal, Italy and Japan. He is the co-author of numerous publications in high impact scientific journals. He is also the editor and reviewer of several JCR-indexed journals. He has been a member of the scientific committee and has participated in the organisation of numerous international scientific conferences. His research career has been acknowledged and awarded one of the Juan de la Cierva State Programme Grants, in the area of "ICT - Information and Communication Technologies" in 2018.

Guillermo Hernández González BISITE

Guillermo Hernández González
University of Salamanca

Guillermo Hernández has a PhD in "Fundamental Physics and Mathematics" and a "Master's Degree in Nuclear Physics" from the University of Salamanca. His thesis project focused on research into the applications of laser acceleration systems to the irradiation of biological tissue. This thesis contributed to the progress of several research fields, including radiation-matter interaction and the characterization of emissions generated by ultra-short pulses. In addition, he has worked in the field of radioprotection and shielding design.

He has also completed a Degree in Computer Systems Technical Engineering at the same university. Currently, he is doing the master's degree in Intelligent Systems and is participating in a research project on IOT and intelligent systems.

Juan José Miñambres BISITE

Juan José Miñambres

Holds a Degree in Physical Sciences from the University of the Basque Country.

Specialised in Business Intelligence, cognitive solutions, Smart Cities and project management.

He has held various consultancy and management positions in different companies in the ICT sector: Olivetti, Bull Spain, Informix Iberica, Ascential Software, Darvos Sistemas.

Director of several national and regional projects for the following public organisations: Ministry of Health, Regional Government of Extremadura, General Secretary of Telecommunications.

IBM collaborator in the design and development of several modules for the Smart City platform.

Mayka Bonilla BISITE

Mayka Bonilla

Mayka Bonilla has 14 years of experience in Large Infrastructure Engineering. For the last 5 years she has been working in the Department of Road Technologies and Facilities in Madrid Calle 30, managing what is possibly the most important ring road in Madrid, which includes the longest road tunnel in Europe and one of the longest ones in the world, with a distance of 48 km and through which some 440 million vehicles pass every year. She is in charge of Project Management, Construction Management and Maintenance Management of the facilities of the entire infrastructure, especially in the tunnel, which contains some 18,000 different systems, including lighting, ventilation, power supply and communications network. All the facilities interact with each other, their status is monitored and controlled at the Tunnel Control Centre.

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