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Modules and subjects

  • A1.- Territorial planning, urban plans and management
  • A2.- Sustainability in urban planning and operation
  • A3.- Technology in new approaches to urban management
  • B1.- Trends in urbanization and city management
  • B2.- Mechanisms, initiatives, maturity and relationship models in cities
  • C1.- Definition and management of smart services
  • C2.- Communication protocols and infrastructure
  • C3.- Integrated and interoperable operation centres
  • D1.- IoT concepts and architectures
  • D2.- Domotic and inmotic architectures and systems
  • D3.- Asset management and augmented reality in cities and buildings
  • E1.- Data analysis, information and big data architectures
  • E2.- IoT-based data management
  • E3.- Advanced data analysis: EDA, business intelligence, machine learning, artificial intelligence
  • E4.- Advanced analytics: Cognitive and prescriptive analytics
  • E5.- Analytics applied to cities and buildings
  • F1.- Smart mobility
  • F2.- Civil infrastructure management. Case Study on Urban Tunnel Operation Centres
  • F3.- Smart grids as the backbone of smart cities
  • F4.- Energy models for cities and stakeholders
  • F5.- Smart tourism

In the case of company internships, if they are not selected as part of the training programme, they can be carried out externally (non-evaluable).

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