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What is a specialist degree?

A Specialist Degree is a university degree where the training offered to the students is tailored to the demands of the society. More flexible and diversified training is given to the students so that they can specialize professionally and academically or update their knowledge in line with the "Learning on Demand" approach, as advocated by the European Higher Education Area. The difference between the Specialist Degree and the Master's Degree lies in lesser workload and the student profile at which it is targeted.


Who is it for?

To enroll in the Specialist degree students must meet the following university entrance requirements: They completed a higher degree vocational course (FP2), passed the official Spanish university entrance exam, called PAU, PAEG or the entrance exam for people over 25 and 45 years of age who do not possess an academic degree.


How many credits is a Specialist Degree worth? How are they divided?

The number of ECTS credits of a Specialist Degree depends on the Degree the student chooses. In the case of this Master's, it is 45 ECTS credits. The teaching guarantees the acquisition of extensive and coherent knowledge in the subject matter of this Master's. However, neither optional subjects nor curricular company internships can be taken, although they can be taken outside the curriculum. The Diploma does not require the presentation of the Final Master's Project either.

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